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Guidelines for Marine Operations
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Pages: 185
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ISBN: 978-1-870945-95-0

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Product Description

For years now the offshore industry has needed a readily available set of guidelines covering most of the more common types of offshore operations. This is simply because the more people that are aware of the constraints likely to be imposed by the necessity to insure projects, the smoother, more cost effective and safer marine operations will run from start to finish. This new book has been written by London Offshore Consultants in the light of the company’s experience as the Marine Insurance Warranty Surveyors on about half of all of offshore installations worldwide. You’ll find a detailed contents list below but if your company or personnel are involved in any aspects of design, construction, installation or logistics for offshore operations then access to a copy of this book will be extremely useful.

ISBN: 978-1-870945-95-0,

Pages: 185,

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  • Loadout - Planning of Operations, Loads and Analysis, Systems and Equipment, Operational Requirements.
  • Barge Transportation - Planning of Marine Operations, Determination of Loads and Motions, Grillage, Seafastenings and Cargo Design, Operational Aspects, Requirements for Barges, Towing Arrangements, Requirements for Towing Vessels (Tugs).
  • Steel Jackets - Environmental Considerations, Stability, Strength, Load-Out, Towage, Launch, Upending and Positioning, On Bottom Stability.
  • Lifting - Planning of Marine Lifts, Loads and Analysis, Structures, Requirements for Lifting Equipment, Crane and Crane Vessels. Gravity Base Structures - Stability and Motion Response, Strength, GBS Mooring Criteria, Float Out of Base Structure, Towing Criteria, Water Ballast System, Deck Mating, Installation.
  • Lift-Off, Transportation and Mating of Topsides - Stability and Motion Response, Structural Analysis, Equipment, Lift-Off, Towing Criteria, Deck Mating.
  • Offshore Pipelines - Documentation, Warranty Surveyor Attendance, Environmental Considerations, Surveys and Route Preparation, Pipeline Construction, Towed Pipeline Installation, Pipeline Crossings, Freespan Rectification, Trenching and Backfilling, Tie-Ins, Shore Approach and Landfall, Testing and Commissioning.