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The Remotely Operated Vehicles Register 2016
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Price: $511 / £365 / €474.5
Product Order No: ROVW/2016
ISBN: 978-1-907060-96-0

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Product Description

The latest edition of the Remotely Operated Vehicles of the World is now available to order. The register contains listings of Builders, Operators and Suppliers of Products and Services to the ROV Market. The Register also included listing of Vessels equipped to support ROV Operations.

This register provides an essential reference tool if you are involved, or if you are interested in the world of Remotely Operated Vehicles.


In the twenty years since the Register was first published, the ROV Register has grown with the industry it serves. As oil & gas exploration extends into deeper waters the need for these vehicles has grown as we explore more in-hospitable environments. The Register has become a reference tool for the ROV market, providing useful information for vehicle Operators as well as the marketís Suppliers of Products and Services.

In this new edition you will find chapters listing Builders, Operators and Vehicle Specifications by type. Also included in the Register are all Offshore Vessels (as well as vessels under construction) equipped to support ROV operations and their owner and specification details.

Each chapter has its own index for quick, straight forward data access. Each entry features full contact information, making the book the best ever ROV industry directory.

We have included a full 8 page colour montage of typical vehicles contained within this Register. If you want the ROV business at your fingertips - look no further.


Detailed specification and performance information for:
  • Heavy, medium and light work ROVs, inspection/observation, low cost and custom built ROVs
  • AUVs including military vehicles
  • Towed surveying systems
  • Tracked, towed and free-flying trenching/burial vehicles
  • Alphabetical listing of Builders and Developers
  • Alphabetical listing of ROV Operators
  • Alphabetical listing of Supplier of Products and Services
  • ROV support vessels
  • Owners and managers remove of ROV support vessels
  • Colour montage showing vehicle designs and types

    Database Alternative: Clarksons Research can provide the database behind this Offshore Vessel Register. Please indicate (i) the format that you require (Microsoft excel, Microsoft access, web delivery) (ii) the number of users of the data and (iii) the frequency of update. Please contact sales@crsl.com and they will co-ordinate with our research services team.

    Advertising: For many years, our registers have provided excellent profiling and marketing opportunities for many of the world's leading offshore companies. For the opportunity to advertise in the next edition of this publication please contact our Clarksons Research Advertising Sales team, by calling: +44 (0)1531 634561.