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Vessel registers
Introduction to ROV Operations
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Pages: 252
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ISBN: 978-1-870945-23-3

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Product Description

This book has proved so popular that we have recently had to commission its first reprint, to satisfy the steady demand from readers who appreciate its clear easy to read format and the substantial amount of information it contains. Much of its contents, because the book’s authors have first hand practical experience in the field, is simply not available elsewhere, so if the facts on ROV operations are important to you order your copy now - you won’t be disappointed

ISBN: 978-1-870945-23-3

Pages: 252

  • drilling operations, drilling rigs
  • production systems
  • support vessels
  • diving operations
  • ROV operations
  • the ROV team
  • safety
  • rigging and cargo handling
  • electrical safety
  • emergency procedures
  • seamanship
  • weather
  • underwater inspection
  • corrosion/protection
  • marine growth
  • visual inspection
  • NDT
  • commentaries and report writing
  • documentation
  • report writing
  • ROV system overview
  • electrical power systems
  • vehicle electronics/hydraulics / sensors and cameras
  • mobilisation and demobilisation
  • system maintenance and procedures
  • hydraulic maintenance
  • electrical maintenance
  • navigation
  • surface navigation systems
  • subsurface navigation systems
  • navigational effects of wind and currents
  • plus appendices covering sample logsheet, check lists, suggested additional reading, operating companies and vehicles in current operation.