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Oilfield Seamanship Series - Volume 7: Stability and Ballast Control
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Pages: 674
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ISBN: 978-1-870945-76-9

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Product Description

Barge Masters, Barge Engineers, Ballast Control Room Operators and those ashore responsible for the loading and ballasting of both semi-submersibles and jack-up units will find this volume of particular interest. It is designed to be used both as theoretical background on the principles of stability management and as a guide to the operational daily management of afloat stability on these specialist vessels.

ISBN: 978-1-870945-76-9

Pages: 674

Part 1

  • Stability Theory
  • Stability theory as applied to semi-subs
  • Transit stability
  • Trim, list and associated problems
  • Weight control and the determination of stability
  • Daily stability calculations
  • Damage stability
  • Lightweight checks and problems
  • The inclining experiment
  • Training personnel.

    Part 2

  • Purpose of ballast control systems
  • Ballast control equipment
  • Ballast control - associated systems
  • Emergency ballast control equipment
  • Pumps and pumping operations
  • Ballasting and deballasting operations
  • Control room watch keeping
  • Inspection and maintenance of ballast control equipment
  • Fault finding recognition and diagnosis
  • Non standard operating procedures and system appraisal
  • Damage control procedures
  • Barge masters note book.