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Abandonment of Offshore Oil & Gas Fields
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Pages: 406
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ISBN: 978-1-870945-74-5

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Product Description

The abandonment and decommissioning of offshore oil and gas producing facilities has been a ‘hot topic’ for more than a few years now and yet, until this book, no comprehensive reference on the subject has been published. This incredible work, the first of a series, has been assembled by Mike Corcoran, the leading authority in this field, to present an overview of the regulatory framework within an historical context. In this way it gives the reader the perspective in which to interpret the intent and future development of such regulations for the North Sea and for areas further a field. We have listed the contents in full in the paragraphs below so you can see for yourself just how detailed and thorough this book is. If aspects of abandonment and decommissioning are important to you now or will be in the future, this book is the essential reference.

ISBN: 978-1-870945-74-5

Pages: 406

  • Background to the development of offshore oil and gas facilities, first platforms offshore Gulf of Mexico 1947, development of the North Sea oil and gas industry
  • Size of the North Sea physical infrastructure, types of platforms, facility function, how were they built and installed, how are the assets managed, role of the government.
  • End of field producing life, outline basis for shutting in a field, abandonment basic options, what will abandonment cost, and who pays, Government, operator, consumer and taxpayer, role of Government to protect public interest, selection of options, international regulations to resolve conflict between neighbouring states.
  • International regulations, The 1958 Geneva Convention, 1982 Law of the Sea Convention, IMO Regulations, London Dumping Convention, Oslo/Paris Conventions, Review of the Baltic Sea Convention 1992, Barcelona Convention 1991, Kuwait Convention 1989.
  • Other Users of the Sea
  • UK Regulations. The Petroleum Act 1987, House of Commons select Committee review of 1989, Intergovernmental Review of Policy 1994/95, DTI Guidance Notes issued 1995, Financial provisions/security provisions, HSE Acts/Regulations
  • European Regulations
  • US Regulations
  • Other National Regulations
  • Abandonment Options and Regulations
  • How to demonstrate compliance with regulatory obligations (UKCS)
  • Execution of Abandonment Liabilities