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Vessel registers
Floating Structures : A Guide for Design and Analysis
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Price: $385 / 275 / €357.5
Pages: 1,200 in two volumes
Product Order No: MTD/EAFS
ISBN: 978-1-870553-35-3

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Product Description

Weve waited over two years, as have many of our subscribers, for this study to be completed and at long last it has arrived. In hindsight it is easy to see why it has taken so long to compile (no excuses just humble apologies to all those who have had to wait so long for their orders to be fulfilled) but when you set loose 32 international sponsors and 22 authors from seven major companies on a project of this complexity valued at over 400,000 ($680,000) it is not, to put it mildly, likely to be completed overnight! Anyway it is here now and is the first comprehensive reference guide that brings together the complex analytical techniques and detail design approaches necessary for every type of floating structure from FPSOs to innovative spars and TLPs.