SPS's, FSU's and Shuttle Tankers of the World
This unique reference book is now available together with the wealth of information previously found in another of our registers, FSUs and Shuttle Tankers of the World. We have combined the two titles because SPMs and terminal arrangements in general are so closely linked to floating storage and offloading via shuttle tanker, that they should appear together in the same title. This hugely expands the usefulness of these already definitive reference works. We have worked hard to update and expand the enormous data content of both databases to make this important new combined online database the most authoritative.


SPM data including SALMs, CALMs, SALs, ALPs and turrets. Details for 537 terminals are included in the database. Typical information for each terminal includes: location (in the near future), field/terminal name, water depth, background information, design engineer, field and production data. Buoy Data including: dimensions, draft, hoses (loading and subsea), valves, products handled, loading/discharging data, mooring data, maximum acceptable DWT loading, nav-aids plus much additional information.

FSU and Shuttle Tanker data includes specifications for 157 FSUs and Shuttle Tankers. Typical data for each unit includes: General information: name, beneficial owner, operator, year built, classification, flag and call sign. Dimensions/tonnage including: DWT, GT, NT, LOA, LBP, depth, draft, hull type.Tank capacities including: fuel, water and crude.Loading/offloading systems including: mooring and loading systems, import and export lines with flow rates, offloading systems. Mooring, positioning and stability systems. Other data included: cranage, A frames, helideck, accommodation, communication systems, safety and lifesaving systems.

The Single Point Moorings of the World incorporating Floating Storage Units and Shuttle Tankers of the World online database also provides complete contact information for more than 340 owners, operators and managers of SPMs, FSUs and Shuttle Tankers.

The Single Point Moorings of the World incorporating Floating Storage Units and Shuttle Tankers of the World is also available as a book or as an Access database. To order your copy visit the OPL website at http://www.oilpubs.com
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