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    Polarcus Samur upgraded to eight streamers

    Vessel & ROV News // September 22, 2010

    Polarcus Limited has announced today that the company is upgrading Polarcus Samur from its current six streamer arrangement to an eight streamer configuration.

    The upgrade will enable the company to take advantage of the evolving seismic market environment and provide the flexibility to tender the vessel on a larger number of contracts.

    "This will have a positive effect on the vessel's revenue generating capabilities that are projected to increase by an additional 25 per cent," said Polarcus.

    The company's design studies have determined that the upgrade can be undertaken with a vessel CAPEX increase of only 2.5 per cent, or US$3 million, and with no material change to the anticipated delivery date of the end of the fourth quarter of 2010.

    After the upgrade, to be undertaken at the Drydocks World - Dubai shipyard, prior to delivery of the vessel, Polarcus Samur will be capable of deploying up to eight streamers each of 6,000m length, or six streamers each of 8,000m length, with lateral streamer separations of between 25m and 200m.

    The additional 14km of streamer required for the new configuration has been ordered under the company's existing vendor lease facility. 


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