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    Obama administration says drilling of relief well continues

    News // August 3, 2010

    The Obama Administration says Development Driller III is in the process of laying the final casing run, a necessary step before beginning the static diagnostics test -pumping mud and cement in through the top of the well - which will provide more information about well integrity and ultimately improves the probability of success for the relief well.

    Q4000 is on-scene and ready for the static diagnostics test. Once the casing is set, the cementing of the relief well is expected to begin within four to five days.

    Development Driller II will hold operations and await results of the DDIII relief well.

    Development Driller III has drilled the first relief well to a depth of 17,864ft below the Gulf surface and Development Driller II has drilled the second relief well - a redundancy measure taken at the direction of the administration - to a depth of 15,963ft below the surface.


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