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    NorGer uses Offshore Marine for cable consultancy role

    Company News // June 29, 2010

    NorGer KS, the company behind the first planned Norway-Germany interconnector, is working in partnership with UK-based subsea cable specialists Offshore Marine Management (OMM) as its offshore cable consultancy, having appointed them late last year.

    NorGer KS is owned equally by the Norwegian energy utilities Agder Energi AS and Lyse Produksjon AS and the Swiss company Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft Laufenburg (AG) and was established to plan, construct and operate a 600 kilometre high voltage DC connection between Norway and Germany.

    OMM has had extensive experience as cable consultants with other major international marine interconnector projects including Basslink between Tasmania and Victoria in Australia; Neptune in the US; NorNed between the Netherlands and Norway, and BritNed between the Netherlands and UK, which gave NorGer the confidence to select them.

    NorGer’s Jens Harenberg said that this will be a challenging project and the need for creditable experience and management skills will be a must to ensure the project is completed on time.

    “We look forward to working with OMM and drawing on their experience when and if it is needed,” he added during the contract signing.

    OMM Managing Director, Rob Grimmond said that the company welcomed the challenge of this exciting interconnector project and aims to play a useful role in its successful completion.

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