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    Administration provides update on Deepwater Horizon response

    News // June 21, 2010

    Under the direction of the federal government, BP continues to capture some oil and burn gas at the surface using its containment dome technique.

    In addition to Discoverer Enterprise, which is linked by the riser pipe to the wellhead, a second recovery vessel, Q4000, continues to flare off additional oil and gas being brought up through the choke and kill lines - a method that was also put in place at the government’s direction.

    Development Driller III continues to drill the first relief well to a depth of approximately 11,000ft below the sea floor, and crews have begun the process of cementing and casing the well liner.

    Development Driller II has drilled the second relief well - a redundancy measure taken at the direction of the administration - to a depth of approximately 5,000ft below the sea floor.

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