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    Jones Act could be waived to allow foreign vessels to help with oil spill

    News // June 14, 2010

    The Maritime Cabotage Task Force (MCTF) in the US says the American maritime industry "supports immediate action to address the unfolding environmental disaster in the Gulf."

    Said the MCTF: "Federal law called the Jones Act requires that American vessels be used for domestic transportation activities in the US, and countless American vessels are already responding in the Gulf. In addition, we know that many other American vessels are standing by ready to help."

    However, said the MCTF: "There are well-established federal procedures for waiving the Jones Act to bring in foreign vessels in those situations where American vessels are not available. The American maritime industry has not and will not stand in the way of the use of these well-established waiver procedures to address this crisis."

    A number of well known dredging companies based in Europe say they have offered to help tackle the spill but that their offers have not been taken up by the Obama administration.



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