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    Tideway confirms award of Nord Stream and Sevmash Prirazlomnoya deals

    News // May 3, 2010

    Tideway Marine & Offshore Contractors, part of DEME group in Belgium, has confirmed that it has been awarded two Letters of Intent (LoIS) recently, the first to install rock on the 1,220km Nord Stream gas pipelines running through the Baltic, connecting Russia to Northern Germany; the second for rock placement to protect a Gasprom Nevtshelf platform against scouring in the Kara Sea southwest of Nova Zembla.

    The accumulated value of the contracts amounts to approximately €115 million, with the Tideway's share amounting to approximately €65 million.
    In January 2009 Tideway was awarded a contract for seabed preparation prior to the installation of the two 48in gas pipelines. The new contract requires Tideway to install rock berms at critical sections after the pipeline is laid. "This contract will represent one of the largest pipeline rock protection contracts ever awarded," said DEME. "The rock - coarse gravel with a diameter of typically less than 10cm - will be sourced from countries on the Baltic Sea coast. The rock material has to meet certain engineering and environmental criteria. Material has to be free from clay, silt, chalk, vegetation, or other deleterious substances. It will behave as any existing inert material on the seabed and will be re-colonized within a few years. In shallow waters, algae will soon populate exposed surfaces and in deeper water where oxygen and light are scarce, the surface of the rocks will be colonized by micro-organisms."

    Tideway worked closely with the main contractor Saipem in the preliminary project phase. The project will be executed in a 50/50 partnership and at least two, potentially three fall pipe vessels will be deployed, depending on the pipeline installation sequence chosen. The project is scheduled to start in 2011 and will be completed in 2012. The value of this contract is approximately €100 million, with Tideway's share being approximately €50 million.
    The second Letter of Intent calls for placement of approximately 100,000 tons of rock to protect a new offshore platform (a Gravity Based Structure or GBS) against scouring.

    The platform has been built by JSC Sevmash for the account of Gasprom Nevtshelf and will be towed to the Prirazlomnoya oil field near Varandey in the Kara Sea southwest of Nova Zembla for installation on the sea bottom.

    Tideway will apply scour protection rock dumping in a sub-contract to Global Maritime.

    The bulk of the works will be executed during summer 2011 with Tideway’s new fall pipe vessel Flintstone, which was launched on 28th April 2010 in Singapore.

    The DP2 Flintstone has a carrying capacity of 19,000 tonnes and can place rock with high accuracy at a record depth of up to 2,000m thanks to the use of highly sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment. The vessel is built under Ice Class notation, which allows more flexibility when active in Arctic waters.

    The contract is valued at €15 million.

    Earlier, in 2004, DEME group company Dredging International dredged the channel and enlarged the access channel at Severodvinsk to enable the Sevmash platform to be towed to its final destination in the Prirazlomnoya field.

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