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    Norwegian government's White Paper brings relief for shipowners

    News // April 16, 2004
    The Norwegian shipping industry says it takes "a positive view" of the White Paper presented the Norwegian government in early April.

    "For the first time in many years a government is proposing a new and dynamic shipping policy," said the Norwegian Shipowner's Association.

    "The industry is quite pleased with the Government's ambitions to ensure European tax conditions for Norwegian shipowners, says Marianne Lie, Director General of the Norwegian Shipowners' Association.

    "It is now important that the Storting should base its forthcoming discussion on the need for a harmonisation with the systems found in the EU, as the Government points out in its White Paper. We look forward to even more specific indications of the arrangement and formulation of the tax system through further deliberations in the Storting, and in connection with next year's government budget."

    The White Paper proposes to continue the net wage arrangement for offshore companies, and also to extend the trade area for NIS ships to include the Norwegian shelf.

    The Association said it is "very pleased" that the Norwegian maritime competence in this field will be assured a future, and that the international competitiveness of this segment of the fleet will be strengthened.

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