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    Cal Dive successfully intervenes on deepwater wells

    News // April 2, 2004
    Well Ops Inc, the subsidiary of Cal Dive International, has successfully completed a two well subsea intervention contract for ENI in the Gulf of Mexico.The wells, Yosemite and King Kong, are located in Green Canyon blocks 516 and 472, respectively. Water depth at both wells is approximately 3,815ft.

    The DP MSV Q4000 was mobilised with all necessary oilfield services onboard including slickline, coil tubing, pumping and well flow back capability. Well access, pressure control and emergency disconnect capability were achieved utilizing Well Ops' 7-3/8" through-bore Intervention Riser System.

    The system was deployed subsea and connected directly to Cameron horizontal trees utilizing a 6-5/8" Hydril tubing riser and a rigid 2-3/8" tubing annulus line. Subsea control of the horizontal tree was maintained at ENI's Allegheny Tension Leg Platform(TLP) and subsea control of the Intervention Riser System was provided from the Q4000. After connecting to the tree, slickline was used to manipulate the completion's sliding sleeves for initial zone isolation, and subsequent opening of the new production zone.

    On completion of the first well, Green Canyon 516, the Q4000 transited approximately 1.3 miles to Green Canyon 472, with the Intervention Riser held at subsea depth. This approach reduced pipe handling and saved approximately two days of operational time. Over the course of the two well project, the riser system was deployed subsea and in operation for a total of 21 days. Access, zonal isolation and production delivery were accomplished as planned and both wells are performing to expectation. The project was completed in line with planned schedule and budget.

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