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    Jan de Nul's new fallpipe vessel Simon Stevin sets sail for Australia

    Vessel & ROV News // February 11, 2010

    Simon Stevin's first projects are both offshore Australia.

    Jan de Nul's new mining and fallpipe vessel Simon Stevin has departed for Australia for its first two rock dumping projects: a free span correction on the Pluto pipeline in 80m of water, and the construction of a pipeline crossing for the Reindeer pipeline over the Pluto pipeline.

    Simon Stevin will load the required rock on its way to Australia, and due to its size, a large advantage is that the full load of 33,500 tons is just sufficient to execute both projects without reloading.

    Simon Stevin was delivered to Dredging and Maritime Management SA, subsidiary of Jan De Nul Group, on February 4th. The keel laying of the vessel took place on 30th April 2009 and the launch took place on 13th March 2009. The vessel was built by the shipyard Construcciones Navales del Norte in Sestao, near Bilbao, in Spain. The vessel is by far the largest of its kind and can work down to 2,000m water depth.

    Simon Stevin is the largest free-sailing fallpipe vessel in the world with a capacity of 33,500 tons. This is 25 per cent larger than Nordness, which has a capacity of 25,960 tons.

    Jan de Nul also describes Simon Stevin as the first ‘purpose-built’ fallpipe vessel. The fall pipe can be assembled and installed in six hours and, after dumping, can be dismantled in six hours. To facilitate this, Jan De Nul Group designed a new installation method that is fully automated and that works independently of the vessel movement. The heart of the installation, the so called ‘motion base’ is manufactured by Jan De Nul Group itself.

    Apart from the primary ROV on the fallpipe, the vessel is also equipped with a second ROV for survey and other interventions. Rock is dumped at 2,000 tons per hour.

    The total installed power amounts to more than 25,000kW.

    The vessel has its own helicopter landing platform that is suitable for most types of helicopters.

    The fallpipe module was built in Belgium and was hoisted on board the vessel in one go. The module weighs 2,000 tons.

    With the construction of Simon Stevin and the 6,000 ton stone dumper Willem De Vlamingh (which is under construction), along with the conversion of the 4,600 ton La Boudeuse into another fallpipe vessel Jan De Nul Group has made a major commitment to the offshore industry.

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