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    BJ Services reports new well stimulation vessel now at work

    Vessel & ROV News // November 27, 2009

    BJ Services has announced that it is now operating what it claims is the world’s largest high-performance well stimulation vessel for oil and gas wells in the Lower Tertiary and other Gulf of Mexico formations.

    Blue Dolphin is a custom-designed well stimulation vessel providing 20,000 psi (138 MPa) working pressure via multiple Coflexip reeled flexible umbilical lines. Together with accommodation for up to 45 crew, the vessel can perform large-volume, high pressure stimulation operations with minimal downtime for multizone or multiwell operations.

    “The advanced capabilities of Blue Dolphin have made it the flagship of BJ Services’ well stimulation fleet,” said Ronney Coleman, Vice President for North America Pressure Pumping Services, BJ Services. “It is the first 20,000-psi pressure-rated stimulation vessel specially designed for Lower Tertiary conditions, which include long, multiple pay zones and intense pressure and temperature variations."

    "Minimizing downtime during well stimulation in these deep environments and on multiwell locations is possible through the advanced pressure specifications, storage capacities and crew accommodation available with this vessel. We can essentially have multiple crews working around the clock to provide large-volume, high-pressure stimulation services.”

    Blue Dolphin has a DP2 dynamic positioning system and well stimulation/offshore support vessel class notation, certified by the American Bureau of Shipping. It comes
    equipped with eight skid-mounted 3,000 brake horsepower Gorilla fracturing units and storage capacity for 2.75 million lb of proppant.

    When necessary, it can provide up to 23,000 hydraulic horsepower and 80 bbl/min (12.7 m3/min) blending rates to meet high-rate fracturing and stimulationrequirements of ultra deepwater projects.

    At more than 300ft (91m) in length, the multi-purpose vessel includes additional storage for up to 11,800 bbl (1,875m3) of fluids or completion brines, 12,600 gal (47.7m3) of raw acid and 6,300 gal (23.8m3) of solvent.

    Maximum on-the-fly acid blending capacity is 50 bbl/min (7.9 m3/min).


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