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    Leighton Stealth upgraded

    Vessel & ROV News // September 29, 2009

    Leighton International's flagship pipelay barge, Leighton Stealth, has been upgraded to meet what the company called "growing demand for its services."

    The vessel was originally designed and constructed in-house by Leighton Offshore Oil and Gas in 2006. It was built under very tight schedule conditions as it was a key component of the project plan for its first venture - the Kochi Refineries Single Point Mooring (SPM) project in India.

    Built in Batam, Stealth included the latest technology available at the time and a high level of innovation. Its target market was water depths up to 50m and it was optimized to handle large diameter lines with maximum efficiency. Stealth sailed for Kochi in early January 2007 and has been a key partr of the Leighton fleet ever since.

    Stealth has been integral to the success of the Kochi project and the Bina Refinery SPM and Pipeline Project in India, in water depths as shallow as 1.5m. Stealth has laid more than 80km of pipelines of diameters exceeding 40in during 2007 and 2008, out to a water depth of 35m, and has travelled almost the full expanse of India’s coastline and has journeyed as far afield as the Black Sea. Stealth also carried out installation of a 14in diameter pipeline where the line was installed by bottom tow around a tight radius bend.
    Leighton Offshore Oil and Gas General Manager, Russell Waugh said Stealth’s contribution to the success of Leighton Offshore Oil and Gas, and the increasing market penetration had prompted the recent upgrade.

    “We wanted Stealth to keep abreast of latest requirements including Special Purpose Shipping (SPS) compliance, and be fully self sufficient whether nearshore or working much further from the coast,” said Mr Waugh.
    Stealth arrived in Abu Dhabi to commence upgrade works earlier this year. The upgrade works include a completely new accommodation block for 232 persons in one, two and fourman berths, upgraded pipe handling equipment, a new helideck suitable for S92 or equivalent helicopters, new generators and cooling water system.
    It also includes full upgrade of safety systems including additional life boats and Class certified rescue craft to meet the SPS regulations.
    On completion of the upgrade Stealth was due to sail to the Red Sea where it will lay a 30in pipeline for the Shuqaiq Project, before heading to Visag on India’s east coast where it is due to lay a 48in pipeline and carry out SPM installation works for a Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited project that was won by Leighton in India in April 2009.

    Stealth is one of two pipelay barges owned by Leighton, and complements Leighton’s crane barge, Leighton Mynx.


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