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    New ROV simulator unveiled

    Training // September 22, 2009

    Marine Simulation LLC in the US has announced the release of ROVsim O&G, the company's newest simulator specifically designed for ROVs.

    Besides being the company's first offering in the oil and gas industry, ROVsim O&G includes a number of new features and capabilities whch the company claims have "never been before offered by any simulator on the market today."

    A complete ROVsim O&G simulator includes three separate software applications: the main ROV Simulator, a separate navigational SONAR Module, and an instructor's Control Module.

    The main ROV simulator encompasses a mission area of over 25km2 and includes a complete oil platform, 8km of submerged pipeline and a working drill ship. The ROV in the simulation is deployed by a Tether Management System (TMS) from a support ship, which is also simulated.

    Said the company: "The instructor not only has full control of the environment and casualties that the ROV is operating in, but also controls the support ship and deployment cage with an easy to use, graphics display. A great deal of research was invested in the development of the new SONAR Module, resulting in a new level of functionality and operational realism never before available."

    Like their previous offerings, Marine Simulation LLC's ROVsim O&G also includes a Custom Mission Designer which allows the user to build their own mission environments from either the selection of included models or import models from a variety of sources, thus providing a nearly unlimited number of missions for the user to explore.

    All ROVsim simulators are designed to operate on low-cost personal computers and are compatible with “off the shelf” components. ROVsim O&G is available for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and the upcoming Windows 7 operating systems.

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