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    T750-1 for Canyon Offshore

    Vessel & ROV News // February 20, 2004
    Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd in the UK has announced the delivery and completion of first operational contracts for the Triton(r) T750-1 ROV Trenching System supplied to Canyon Offshore, Aberdeen.

    During Canyon Offshore's first contract for the Triton(r) T750-1, the 750-horse power super trencher was successfully used to trench two rigid pipelines and one service umbilical at the Fram Vest field, which forms part of the Sogn Field within block 35/11 approximately 15km North of the Troll C platform in water depths ranging from 340-358m.

    A Canyon representative commented "The Triton(r) T750-1 provided our client with unprecedented trench quality in terms of 'side wall' profile and 'out of straightness' signature. The side wall profile and out of straightness high specification was required to minimise rockdumping and provide long term thermal stability of pipes and service lines under the seabed."

    The Triton(r) T750-1 completed its first contract in less time than was estimated and the system proved to be extremely reliable regularly completing trenching operations lasting well over 100 hours during which time 13km of 13" pipe was buried at depthsof 1.8 metres, recovering the system only to move location and start on another section of pipe.

    The second and most recently completed contract prior to departure of the Triton(r) T750-1 onboard the Northern Canyon to the Gulf of Mexico was under direct award from Statnett.

    Statnett operates the Skaggerak Nowegian-Danish inter connect HVAC power cable system and awarded Canyon Offshore a contract for the remedial burial of exposed sections of Cables One and Two (103mm diameter) to 1.4m Depth of Burial which are subject to strong tidal flow movement and fishing activity. The contract, based upon a twelve day programme and subject to specific shutdowns was successfully completed in 8 days in adverse weather conditions including prolonged periods of Sea State 6 with burial speed of over 800m per hour regularly being achieved.

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