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    Crane on Havila Phoenix is a world first

    Vessel & ROV News // March 3, 2009

    Expected to be on its way to work in the Gulf of Mexico on a 10-year time charter with Phoenix International once remaining technical issues have been ironed out, Havila Phoenix is the first example of the Havyard 858 design, a subsea construction vessel that is also the first to be fitted with an offshore crane capable of working with fibre rope as well as conventional steel rope.

    This latest newbuild from Havyard Leirvik is 110m overall with a beam of 23m and accommodation for 140, and was recently fitted with the massive 250 tonne active heave compensated offshore crane that will be her primary ‘tool,’ prior to commencing her charter to Phoenix International. 
    Although the charterer will use conventional steel wire to begin with, the huge offshore crane is capable of handling lightweight fibre rope of a type that offers several advantages compared with conventional steel wire rope.

    “MacGREGOR’s technology for handling lightweight fibre rope rather than traditional steel wire rope offers several advantages that will meet the ever-increasing demands of the offshore industry as operators move further into deeper water,” said Řystein Bondevik, sales director at GREGOR’s Offshore division.

    “Because the fibre rope is much lighter, and effectively neutral in weight in water, much heavier loads can be handled than is the case with a conventional crane. Consequently, overall safety is improved due to the lighter equipment, which can still carry out heavy work operations.”


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