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    Subsea UK lobbies government over proposed changes to Seafarers Tax

    News // November 21, 2008

    The body which champions the UK's subsea industry has met with HMRC to present the industry's concerns over the proposed changes to the Seafarers Tax.
    Subsea UK chief, Alistair Birnie, said: "This was a constructive meeting and the HMRC were very much in listening mode."

    "We were able to fully explain the industry's issues and help them gain a better understanding of the variety of multi-role vessels currently operating in the sector."

    "HMRC did concede that their initial letter to those in the sector was misleading and that they did not intend to impose a blanket ruling on subsea vessels."

    "In particular we alerted them to the inadequate three day rule. This is, quite honestly, completely unworkable in an industry that is working in harsher and harsher environments and increasingly deep waters."
    "We were encouraged by the fact that HMRC are open to more consultation on the issue and will be seeking representations from the industry before coming to a confirmed definition of a seafarer and their decision on taxation of these workers, likely to be February 2009. There is still much to work through on what is currently a very unclear position."

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