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    Ramform Sovereign arrives in Brazil - sets new record

    Projects and Operations // October 23, 2008

    PGS has announced that its latest vessel, Ramform Sovereign, arrived in Brazil in early October.

    The ship's arrival in Brazil marked the start of a series of record breaking HD3D (4D baseline) projects in the Santos and Campos basins of Brazil.

    The projects are expected to last until the first quarter of 2010, and will earn PGS in excess of US$240 million.

    Having arrived in Brazil, Ramform Sovereign then headed for the Tupi prospect, which is located in depths of more than 2,100m, is extremely significant, and contains a potential 1.7 to 10 billion barrels of hydrocarbons.

    The deposit is considered part of a new frontier as it lies under a 2,000m thick salt layer that is positioned under 3,000-4,000m of sand and rock beneath the seabed.

    Tupi is one of many pre-salt discoveries announced recently in Brazil. Until now, Brazil's reserves have been found in post-salt formations above the salt layer.

    Ramform Sovereign deployed a spread of 14 x 8,000m streamers with 50m streamer separation. This makes a new world record of 112km of deployed streamer.

    The vessel acquired a test line on October 17th, but inclement weather delayed the start of actual production until October 21st. 

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