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    Divex celebrates double century manufacturing milestone

    Company News // October 20, 2008

    Danny Gray, Divex’s General Manager for production.

    International diving equipment technology company Divex is celebrating an impressive manufacturing milestone after completion of their 200th Divers Environmental Conditioning System known as the ECS. 

    A considerable increase in worldwide demand for new build DSVs and for the refurbishment of existing vessels has resulted in this significant increase in demand for Divex’s ECS.

    ECS equipment forms part of the life support equipment used within the saturation diving hyperbaric environment required by deep sea divers internationally. 

    Saturation divers work in extreme depths and conditions living in very confined spaces, under equivalent pressure of hundreds of metres of sea water, for up to 28 days at a time. The classification approved environmental equipment designed and manufactured by Divex is found on the majority of DSVs worldwide. 

    The ECS includes a Control Master Unit (CMU), a Chamber Environmental Controller (CEC), a Potable Water System (PWS) and a Water Heater Electrical (WHE). 

    They are used to control environmental situations such as the temperature and humidity, and to provide domestic water inside the saturation diving chambers. They also provide a constant supply of hot water to the divers suit whilst working at depths of up to 450 metres below sea level.

    Danny Gray, Divex’s General Manager for production commented: “At this time of unprecedented demand, the important factor that sets Divex ahead of the competition is that we manufacture in-house most of the components and sub-systems used in the saturation systems."

    "These include gas reclaim systems, environmental conditioning systems, diver heating systems, precision depth gauges, helium voice unscramblers, BIBS masks, underwater and hyperbaric lighting and hyperbaric fire extinguishers, as well as the modular and fixed series of saturation systems themselves.”

    Divex has manufacturing, sales and service operations in the UK, Germany, the Middle East, South Africa and Australia. Its global headquarters are based in Westhill, Aberdeen – now recognised as the global centre of excellence for diving equipment technology.


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