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    Safety Flash - Subject: Titan Release Gear

    Organisations and Associations // October 16, 2008

    The Marine Safety Forum (MSF) has issued a Safety Flash about an incident on an offshore support vessel concerning the diaphragm/hydrostatic release unit on the daughter craft, which stops the release handle being accidentally activated whilst the craft is clear of the water during launch and recovery.

    The incident happened when a daughter craft was being launched and when the boat was circa 4ft from the water. As the boat was being lowered the hooks released and the boat fell. A crewmember was injured as a result.

    After further inspection it was found that the hydrostatic locking lever was open, causing the boat to release prematurely before it entered the water.

    Said the MSF: "As a result of a detailed investigation it can only be assumed that this was caused by the ‘T’ headed safety pin being taken out before launching and possibly the operating handle being lifted, leaving the hydrostatic release system as the only fail safe."

    "If the hydrostatic locking lever had been in the ‘closed’ position as it should during launch and recovery, then the boat would have only released when it entered the water even with the pin removed and the handle lifted."

    "Whenever using this system, it must be remembered that the safety pin and the release lever MUST be left in place until the boat is in the water and the weight is off the falls. A visual check should also be carried out to ascertain the position of the Hydrostatic locking lever and to ensure that it is in the ‘Locked’ position," the Safety Flash concluded.


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