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    Newly upgraded drillship Aban Abraham completes trials

    Vessel & ROV News // October 3, 2008

    Ulstein Sea of Solutions provided the upgrade package for Aban Abraham.

    Ulstein Sea of Solutions says the drillship Aban Abraham has successfully completed sea trials after a major upgrade performed at Sembawang Shipyard.

    Ulstein Sea of Solutions was responsible for the concept and basic design of the upgrade, the main aim of which was to enable the vessel to be operated in deeper waters - up to 6,600ft.

    The upgrade work on the Pelican class vessel, owned by Aban Abraham Pte Ltd, included widening the vessel's beam by adding sponsons on both sides of the ship, in order to compensate for additional weight and provide sufficient buoyancy.

    A total of 3,500t of displacement was gained by adding the sponsons, increasing deadweight by an additional 1,400 tonnes.

    The vesselís capacities for riser tensioning, riser storage, riser handling and mud storage haveincreased significantly to deal with the increased water depth.

    The upgrade also involved a new substructure with an increased drillfloor height and an increase in power generation capacity including a complete new power distribution and automation system.

    As a future DP upgrade with two azimuthing thrusters has been envisaged, space has been reserved in the sponsons for installation of the thrusters and provision has been made in the electrical switchboards.

    Recent inclining tests showed the vessel met all design calculations and during sea trials the vessel reached a trial speed of 11 knots, allowing a service speed of 10 knots.

    Philippe Wintgens, master of Aban Abraham, said he was very pleased with the results, and noted that the level of vibration was also well within expectations.

    "Ulstein Sea of Solutions has performed a design job well-done and we are very pleased with the support they gave during the conversion period," he said.

    The main dimensions of the vessel are a length overallof 148.6m, length between perpendiculars of 136.8m, beam (moulded) of 29.8m, depth (moulded) of 12.3m, and draft (design) of 7.5m. Installed power is 6 x 2,780kW.


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