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    Heerema completes first phase of NW Hutton removal project

    News // September 11, 2008

    On August 28th, Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) completed the first phase of BP’s North West Hutton removal project, which is located some 130km northeast of the Shetland Islands.

    In this phase of the project, the topsides were removed and subsea work was carried out to remove a great number of structures like anodes, conduits and densitometers in preparation for removing the jacket in 2009.
    HMC’s semi-submersible crane vessel (SSCV) Hermod commenced the removal campaign on May 7th.

    The challenging project was characterized by an excellent safety record (no LTIs – Lost Time Incidents), which is all the more impressive considering the more than 100,000 man hours spent on the platform.

    During the 114 days of the project, 18 days of fierce weather downtime was experienced, which caused delays to both Hermod and the five transportation barges.
    One of the successes of this campaign was managing the hook down, removal and subsea activities in parallel.

    For three months Hermod berthed and fed 360 people (her maximum capacity) working around the clock.

    Said HMC: "The welders did outstanding work with only three cut-outs in thousands of metres of welds, and the marine and tug crews dealt with the ever-changing weather conditions and logistics."

    All of the 21 lifts were critical in their own respect, in particular the eight which came close to the maximum capacity of the crane. The position of Hermod and the cargo barge was essential to the success of the lifts.
    The structures have now arrived at the Able recycling yard in Teesside, UK, where they will be dismantled further and largely recycled.
    HMC will return to NW Hutton in 2009 to remove the jacket.


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