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    Oil and mineral survey work to breathe new life into record-breaking Cheyenne

    Vessel & ROV News // August 27, 2008

    Designed as a record-breaking, speed-racing maxi-catamaran, Cheyenne had already secured her place in maritime history in her own right before she was refitted to serve as the mother ship for Steve Fossett’s Deep Flight Challenger submersible.

    Now Marathon Inc is offering the vessel for sale/charter for remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and submersible work.

    “Her low operating cost compared with other vessels with comparable capabilities makes her ideal for these missions,” said captain Mark Featherstone of Marathon Inc. “After successfully completing all  her world record tasks Cheyenne is now ready for her  new life in ocean survey work, Once again doing something positive.”

    Originally known as PlayStation, and renamed Cheyenne in 2003, the catamaran was refitted last year to be the mother ship for Steve Fossett's record breaking submersible.
    The carbon fibre craft is designed as a long range delivery platform, capable of lifting 9,000kg via the 8.5m x 4.8m moonpool between her hulls. She is 125ft long overall with a 60 foot beam.

    In her previous incarnation as PlayStation, the vessel secured a string of round the world and transatlantic speed records. She achieved most of the records set down by the World Sailing Speed Record Council – culminating in the April 2004 round the world non-stop crewed outright record.

    She has successfully completed trials, demonstrating her 5,000NM range at 10kn, her top speed of 20kn and her stability as a platform in sea conditions up to force 7.


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