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    AC-ROV to Saudi Arabia

    Vessel & ROV News // July 30, 2008

    Leading Saudi Arabian marine construction company Huta Marine Works has taken delivery of an AC-ROV Underwater Inspection System.

    The sale represents the first export into Saudi Arabia for AC-CESS, the Aberdeen based manufacturer.

    Huta Marine is a specialist marine equipment owner operator, supporting a broad range of construction activities in the Persian Gulf and surrounding Middle East region.

    Bora Altunsecen, Operations Manager of the Huta Marine Diving Division, said: "The operational flexibility of the system was at the forefront of our decision making process. The overall size and weight of the system enables an ease of transport and deployment that other micro ROV systems cannot match. This flexibility, coupled with the AC-ROV’s superior mobility, video quality and price gave the best fit with our inspection requirements”

    The AC-ROV has two specific inspection roles within the Huta organisation: Firstly, the unit is deployed in a health and safety capacity for dive site inspection of hazardous and confined environments, such as water intakes.

    The dive site is inspected and mapped prior to the dive team entering the water; with the AC-ROV monitoring the dive team when work is underway.

    Secondly, the vehicle enables site engineers and decision-makers to view submerged targets and work progress first hand, minimising disruption to the work site and ahead of mobilising the dive team. 

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