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    Vroon orders two wind turbine installation vessels

    Vessel & ROV News // July 24, 2008

    Vroon/MPI's new vessels are based on the design of Resolution.

    Cosco Nantong Shipyard in China will build the new vessels.

    Vroon in The Netherlands has announced that it has ordered the construction of two wind turbine installation vessels which will be operated by its subsidiary MPI Offshore, who are based in Stokesley in the UK.

    The new vessels are based on the design of Resolution, a wind turbine installation vessel built in 2003, which is currently the only purpose-built offshore wind turbine installation vessel in the world, which has been owned by Vroon since early 2006.

    The new vessels will be slightly larger than Resolution and will have a number of enhancements, such as a much larger crane (with 1,000 tonnes lifting capacity), larger accommodation (112 persons), helideck, enhanced jacking and positioning capability (DP 2) and the ability to work in the offshore oil and gas sector.

    The new vessels are being designed in co-operation between MPI and Gusto MSC in Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

    Gusto will also arrange the supply of the jack-up system and the cranes for the vessels, while the engine and thruster systems are to be delivered by Rolls Royce.

    The vessels will be constructed at the Cosco Nantong Shipyard in China and will classed by DNV.

    Delivery and commissioning is expected in the first and third quarters of 2011.

    The total investment for the two vessels will amount to US$550 million.

    Paul Gibson, CEO of MPI, said: "I am very excited with this order for two new vessels. We, together with Gusto, commenced the engineering of the new vessels in October last year. We have had four years of operating experience with Resolution and our new vessels will incorporate many smaller and bigger improvements just based on that."

    "We have been pioneers in the offshore wind turbine installation industry and we have proved that we have the most reliable operating vessel in the industry. Now that offshore wind energy, in particular in the North Sea, is taking off to a much larger scale, we are there again in the forefront with our new enhanced vessels. We feel confident to secure employment for our new vessels and expect to make further investments in the offshore wind installation and maintenance sector in the time to come."

    The new vessels will have a length of 137.00m, breadth of 40.00m, depth of 10.00m, maximum draft of 5.50m, service speed of 12.5 knots and accomodation for 112.

    They will be fitted with a ,000 TE @ 25.5m main crane, and auxiliary crane of 50 Te. The vessels will be capable of operating in a water depth of 40.00m, have a jacking speed of 60.00m/hr and cargo capacity of 6,000 tonnes.


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