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    Skandi Acergy delivered

    Vessel & ROV News // July 11, 2008

    Skandi Acergy is a fuel efficient, high spec construction vessel.

    Aker Yards has delivered the subsea construction vessel Skandi Acergy to DOF Subsea, a vessel that is specially designed and equipped for subsea operations, with a focus on seakeeping and excellent station-keeping performance.

    The vessel is also environmental friendly, with a focus on low fuel consumption and DNV's 'CLEAN DESIGN' class notation.

    Builder Aker Yards describes Skandi Acergy as being "among the world's most advanced subsea construction vessel in its class."

    With a length of 157m and breadth of 27m, the vessel is designed for deep water operations, at depths of more than 3,000m.

    Having been delivered, Skandi Acergy will now commence an eight-year charter with Acergy. Her first job will although be on the Norwegian shelf.
    Skandi Acergy is equipped for DP 3 operations, and equipped with a large offshore crane, with circa 400 tonnes lifting capacity.

    Skandi Acergy has three moonpools, the largest being a work-moonpool in the ship's centre, while two smaller ones are situated to port and starboard, inside the ROV hangar.

    The enclosed ROV hangar provides shelter for the crew operating and servicing ROVs. 

    Despite its size, Skandi Acergy is a vessel made for speed. With a maximum speed of 18 knots she is able to move quickly between areas of operations or to shoreside base if needed, being fitted with two azimuthing propellers and a single controllable pitch propeller. Forward she is equipped with two tunnel thrusters and two retractable azimuth thrusters. The aft azimuthing propellers can be set in a fixed heading while running on the centre propeller. The centre propeller with rudder then makes her operate as any conventional single screw vessel. With the centre propeller in operation only, she makes a fair 12 knots speed.

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