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    New winches for KMAR 808 anchor handlers

    Vessel & ROV News // July 8, 2008

    Viking Supply Ships AS has announced that new secondary winches will be fitted on all the three KMAR 808 AHTSs in the company's fleet.

    Tor Viking is first out and is presently in Landskrona shipyard undergoing necessary modifications for the winch installation.

    The installation is expected to be completed on 13 July and the vessel will thereafter return to the spot market in the North Sea with a brand new winch.
    National Oilwell is the manufacturer of the electrical winches. Each vessel will be fitted with one large winch with 170 tons pull consisting of one wide drum and special compartments on each side. The capacity of the drum is 5,225m with 76mm wire and 1,800m with 200mm fibre rope.
    Balder Viking and Vidar Viking will have their new winches fitted later this year.

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