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    New Fast Rescue Boat from Noreq

    Vessel & ROV News // June 5, 2008

    Noreq's new FRB has a string, durable aluminium hull and new hullform.

    Noreq in Norway has announced that its newly developed FRB 700 Fast Rescue Boat is ready for launch on the market.

    The aluminium FRB, which has been sold even before it has been completed, has attracted great interest, said the company.

    "The NOREQ FRB 700 is a completely new boat made of aluminium, in which we have emphasised functionality and user friendliness. The boat can be used both as a rescue boat and as a work boat for small jobs," said Noreq.

    "An FRB needs to be able to withstand more punishment, heavier use and tougher working conditions than ordinary boats of this type - which is why they are made of aluminium; fibre-glass is simply too weak."

    The boat, which is manufactured in the Netherlands, has completed final testing and will be available on the market in July/ August.

    "Our design emphasises ergonomics and simple lifting and launching arrangements. The boat comes equipped with Bukh/ Steyr diesel engines and Almarin water jet propulsion systems in several different sizes," the company said.

    As highlighted above, the first FRB 700, which has been sold even before it has been completed, has already attracted great interest. "We will be holding a presentation and demonstration for selected customers in Norway, and the boat will be on display at our stand at SMM 2008 in Hamburg from 23 to 26 September. If you wish quick delivery, it would be a good idea to enquire at an early date," said Noreq.

    The FRB 700 has been specially developed as a combined rescue and work boat. The hull is designed for speed and stability, which means optimal working conditions on the vessel in rough sea conditions.

    The FRB can move at speeds of up to 35 knots and comes with a standard water jet engine. The craft was designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest international SOLAS regulations and it will hold approvals from all appropriate maritime authorities and classification societies.

    The aluminium boat, which can withstand permanent deformation without rupture, is stable and strong and has excellent sea-going qualities.

    Noreq said the design of the hull and the method of construction have resulted in an extremely strong, self-bailing and unsinkable boat that is well-suited to the environment.

    A distinctive deep, sharp forefoot has been selected, in combination with a trim angle, in order to create the right balance between the reduction of slamming and dynamic stability.


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