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    ChevronTexaco, Total and Schlumberger form alliance to develop thermal simulation technology

    News // April 15, 2005
    ChevronTexaco, Total and Schlumberger have announced that they have formed a joint initiative for research and development of thermal simulation technology aimed at improving recovery efficiencies in heavy oil reservoirs.

    The two-year collaborative project will take advantage of the next generation reservoir simulation technology currently being developed by ChevronTexaco and Schlumberger under their 'Intersect' research project.

    At the heart of this technology are a parallel architecture and simulation algorithms, built to capitalize on advances in software and hardware technologies, parallel computing, advanced gridding and modern software engineering techniques.

    "The breakthrough performance demonstrated by the Intersect Project creates the platform for the development of technology to support advanced simulation of thermal recovery processes," said Donald Paul, vice president and chief technical officer, ChevronTexaco. "This capability will facilitate corresponding enhancement of ChevronTexaco's heavy oil operations. We welcome the opportunity to work with Total as well as our established partner Schlumberger in this challenging and important initiative."

    The results of the joint research and development will be commercialized by Schlumberger and subsequently made available to exploration and production (E&P) operators as a part of its next generation suite of simulation software products.

    ChevronTexaco and Total have a wealth of expertise in the research and deployment of reservoir simulation and heavy oil production technology. When coupled with Schlumberger expertise in development of industry-leading commercial simulation technology, this will enable new insights in the characterization and control of thermal recovery processes, resulting in enhanced economic performance of operators involved in developing and producing in heavy oil regions.

    "Total is very pleased with this cooperation which will blend worldwide complementary expertise of the three partners. I am very confident this will greatly contribute in reaching the group's objectives in terms of heavy oil production," said A Lehner, geoscience vice president - Fields Reserves Development at Total.

    "We are collaborating with partners who have undeniable expertise in the field of thermal recovery processes," said Olivier Le Peuch, president, Schlumberger Information Solutions. "By taking advantage of the innovative architecture that is available asa result of the Intersect project, we will enable the industry to better understand and manage heavy oil assets."

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