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    Explosion aboard DSV in Gulf of Mexico

    News // March 14, 2008

    An explosion aboard a Dive Support Vessel (DSV) has injured six members of a divers' support team working on a pipeline project in the Gulf of Mexico. A seventh member of the crew was reported to be missing, said the US Coast Guard.

    Coast Guard helicopters took the injured crew members to hospitals in Lafayette and Houma after Tuesday night's explosion on the vessel, which took place about 15 miles south of Marsh Island in Iberia Parish.

    According to Chet Morrison, CEO of Chet Morrison Contractors, the explosion apparently occurred in the engine room of the 150ft DSV Jillian Morrison.

    The vessel was anchored at the time of the blast, Morrison said, and no divers were in the water. "They were in the field as part of routine connection work associated with some part of the pipeline," Morrison said.

    Chet Morrison Contractors acquired Jillian Morrison only recently. The 175ft four-point vessel with built-in diving equipment compliments CMC’s 185ft vessel, Stephanie Morrison, which is currently beleived to be operational in the Gulf.

    DSV Jillian Morrison has a telescoping 40 ton hydraulic crane with an 86ft vertical reach and 75ft horizontal reach. The crane, located near the starboard stern, is used to assist in setting risers, riser clamps, boat landings and flange-in spool pieces. Its deck configuration allows for support equipment below deck such as diving chambers, air compressors and bells, leaving the main deck open for storage and fabrication pipeline materials and components. 

    The vessel can accommodate a 35 person crew allowing for 24-hour diving. 

    Chet Morrison Contractors, with its headquarters in Houma, Louisiana, is a provider of construction services including pipeline, diving, fabrication and construction both inland and offshore. It operates two platform fabrication yards in Houma and New Orleans, Louisiana with international facilities in Mexico, Trinidad and the West Indies. 

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