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    Fairstar Heavy Transport issues update on Fjord conversion

    Vessel & ROV News // January 18, 2008

    Fairstar Heavy Transport NV (FHT) has announced that what it called "significant progress" has been made in close consultation with the DNV to remedy all outstanding points in order to certify its semi-submersible heavy lift vessel Fjord for its final class approval.

    Said the company: "There are a number of test that DNV has required the ship to perform over the next 10 days. Management of FHT does not expect anything to arise at this time which will impede the ability of Fjord to obtain class certification as a self-propelled heavy transport ship from DNV."

    The first round of sea trials in December revealed a number of aspects of the ship’s construction and systems that the DNV has asked us to revisit. For example, bubbles flowing down the keel created by the ship’s new bulbous bow interfered with the accuracy of the ship’s echo sounder, which will now need to be repositioned.

    "This is not a major problem, but will require Fjord to spend a day in dry dock to re-locate the sensor. In addition, DNV has required the company to execute a series of thermal imaging tests on the vessel when it next leaves port to ensure there are no dangerous hot spots caused by the density of almost 200 kilometres of electrical cabling that is now in the Fjord," Fairstar explained.

    Philip Adkins, CEO of FHT, said: "We are pleased with the results so far. DNV is tough, but we know that the value of a DNV Class approval is the ‘Gold Standard’ in our industry. The holiday period caused us to lose the momentum that we had at the end of last year, but I am satisfied that everything is moving in the right direction and we will be on our way this month.”
    Fjord and sister vessel Fjell will be among the world’s largest semi-submersible barges. Both are being converted to self-propelled heavy transport vessels, for entry into service in the offshore heavy transport segment in 2008.


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