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    SeeByte embarks on Smart UUV 3000

    Equipment & Technology // December 19, 2007

    SeeByte Ltd has announced the start of SMART UUV 3000, an ambitious three year undertaking that aims to develop smart UUV software solutions that will enable ROVs to automatically tackle complex tasks such as inspection of risers, jackets, manifolds, chains, wellheads, rigs, ship hulls and harbours including searching complex areas and intervention tasks on known structures.

    The US$3 million effort will benefit from technology development programmes currently being undertaken by SeeByte for customers such as BP and the US Office of Naval Research.

    Ioseba Tena, Product Manager at SeeByte, said: “Following the successful launch of SeeTrack Offshore, a true DP system that can be easily retrofitted to existing ROVs, SeeByte wanted to ensure that future versions of the software would benefit from the latest technological breakthroughs, and therefore made the commitment to SMART UUV 3000. Our aim is to continue making ROV operations safer, quicker and easier by automating the ROV control process using state-of-the-art software.”

    “Our current capability includes software to carry out completely autonomous inspections of risers using a mechanically-scanned sonar and the standard SeeTrack Offshore system. In recent tank and offshore tests we have also made an ROV automatically orbit and inspect risers and complex shapes using an acoustic camera to control the ROV. SeeByte is currently carefully studying intuitive means for the pilot to interact with both the ROV and the software.”

    “Our plan is to provide true DP by improving the ability to maintain the ROV position relative to both a fixed absolute position and a moving object, and by making the ROV smarter. To do this, SMART UUV 3000 will provide improved navigation performance, improved awareness of the UUV's environment and the ability to automatically interpret and carry out a plan in a changing dynamic situation. It will provide game changing technology ensuring that offshore inspection tasks can be completed effectively and in a timely fashion.”

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