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    Saab Seaeye unveils more powerful Panther Plus

    Vessel & ROV News // December 17, 2007

    Saab Seaeye's Panther XT has greater thruster power.

    Saab Seaeye has launched the Panther XT, a more powerful, deeper swimming version of its successful Panther Plus ROV with a much greater tooling capability.

    It comes as world sales of the Panther range of electric work-class ROVs exceed 30 vehicles and extends the operational boundaries of the existing Panther models.

    ROV operators will benefit from new technology that has doubled thruster power and significantly increased performance. This has been achieved by increasing thruster motor voltage from 250V to 500V.

    The result is a cut in the number of thrusters on board from 10 on the Panther Plus to six on the Panther XT. This has freed valuable space within the vehicle for additional tooling and sensors without the need for an underslung skid – although one could be added for specialist operations, if needed.

    Greater power also means more powerful tooling can be used and heavier items handled, along with faster ascent and descent to deeper work sites.

    "Operators will welcome this extra performance from a class of electric work ROVs that offers a significantly lower cost alternative to hydraulic ROV systems," said Saab Seaeye. "Typically the Seaeye Panther XT weighs less than a quarter of its hydraulic work-class ROV equivalent; takes about a third of the deck space and needs fewer crew. It is easier to mobilise, maintain and repair, and has a ‘plug-and-go’ simplicity of operation."

    "Thruster innovation lies behind the success of this class of vehicle with Seaeye being the first to create a reliable brushless DC thruster with a revolutionary design that introduced drive electronics with velocity feedback for precise and rapid control in both directions."

    The new Seaeye Panther XT with its increased depth rating from 1,000 to 1,500m comes with two hydraulic manipulators, a 12 function hydraulic solenoid pack, a pan and tilt camera, four simultaneous video channels – plus a range of options including survey suites, tracking systems and other specialist equipment.

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