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    Marcon secures sale of DSV

    Vessel & ROV News // November 21, 2007

    Acting as exclusive brokers, Marcon International of Coupeville, Washington, has sold the 270ft x 55ft x 23ft multi-purpose DSV Sun Carrier (ex-Midnight Carrier, Cable Carrier, Cable Protector, Star Arcturus) from Offshore Energy Holding LLC to private US Gulf Coast interests.  

    The Lloyds +100A1 classed, Vanuatu flagged vessel was built in 1976 by Smith's Dock; Middlesborough, UK, originally as an offshore pipe carrier for Star Offshore Services Marine Ltd of Aberdeen. 

    The 4,620bhp vessel is powered by a pair of British Polar V12 SF112VS-F turbocharged diesels turning controllable pitch 4-blade stainless steel props, two 580hp United GillJet bow thrusters and twin balanced, free-hanging Becker rudders. 

    In 1986 the vessel was renamed Cable Protector and the next year converted into a Cable Layer by Global Marine Systems. In 1992 she was further sold to on Tuayau Shipping NV (Workships Contractors BV) of Willenstad, Netherlands Antilles and renamed Cable Carrier

    Torch Inc of Gretna, Louisiana purchased her while on charter to Western Geophysical in the North Sea in 1998. She remained on that contract until March 1999. Torch's initial intentions were to upgrade the vessel, now named Midnight Carrier to a pipelay/subsea construction vessel for deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico. 

    Torch converted her in 2000 Bollinger Shipyard to a Dive Support Vessel by adding a large four-point mooring system with four Clyde AD-250 waterfall winches, additional quarters to accommodate 36 additional workers and an American 5299 crawler crane. 

    In January 2005, Torch filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code and entered into an agreement with Cal Dive / Helix, serving as a 'stalking horse' bidder for Torch's fleet, including Midnight Carrier

    Pursuant to an agreed final judgment with the Department of Justice permitting Helix to complete the Acergy acquisition in November 2005, Helix agreed to divest themselves of Midnight Carrier, Seaway Defender and a portable saturation diving system. 

    Midnight Carrier was sold to Offshore Energy Holding LLC in 2007 and renamed Sun Carrier. 

    At the time of the sale Sun Carrier had been laid up in Louisiana with certificates lapsed for several years. Marcon acted as sole broker in the sale and has represented the buyers in over a dozen sales and purchases over the last 20 years.

    To-date this year Marcon has sold or chartered a total of 49 vessels and barges, an average of one per week.  

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