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    HMC completes flowline, riser installation for Atlantis project

    Projects and Operations // October 9, 2007

    Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) reports that, at the beginning of last month, the P3 flow line was landed in its receptacle porch on the Atlantis PQ (production quarters). This followed the handover of the P3 steel catenary riser (SCR) from HMC’s Balder to the PQ chain jack.

    By reaching this milestone Balder completed an extensive flowlines and risers installation programme which started back in April 2006.

    The installation of the six in-field Atlantis lines has been a tremendous challenge, noted HMC.

    HMC Project Manager Wendell Freeman said: “The Atlantis Pipe-in-Pipe (PiP) Flowline Project (AtFL) was the most challenging project I have worked on."

    "The work was planned, engineered, and executed to the last detail; notwithstanding, there were setbacks and unforeseen problems. The best known problem was the Balder flooding incident. As disruptive as the incident was, the recovery of the Balder, in record time while continuing to perform installation activities, shows the character of HMC both onshore and offshore."

    "The success of the Atlantis Flowline project and the groundwork it laid for future projects was a result of the close working co-operation between HMC and BP and both parties' commitment to safety, quality, production, and attention to details."

    Project Manager Bas Zoon said: "Since this was HMC's first Pipe-in-Pipe job, a lot of new equipment had to be designed and fabricated. Three years of study and engineering and onshore fabrication were required to prepare all equipment and procedures and complete all tests, to be able to install the 16in by 10in PiP system in over 2,000m of water. Most systems on board were loaded to their maximum capacity during installation of these heavy pipelines, especially during the transfer of the riser system to the platform."

    All Atlantis subsea activities have been completed and Balder has moved on to it's next project.

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