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    MSF issues Safety Flash after supply vessel hits offshore installation

    News // October 5, 2007

    The Marine Safety Forum (MSF) has issued a Safety Flash following an incident in which a supply vessel hit a platform recently.

    The†incident occurred whilst a supply vessel was approaching an offshore oil installation for a cargo operation. Arriving at the installation at a safe distance, the vessel slowed down, then started and tested all thrusters and the forward azimuth. As the tests were about to be completed, the captain arrived on the bridge and took command of the vessel. He instructed the first mate to go to the aft bridge and prepare to pump fresh water and to communicate with the crane driver on the installation.

    The captain then left the forward operating position for the aft bridge before he had familiarised himself with the vessel's distance from the installation, speed and other relevant and important information.

    This left the forward bridge unmanned and the approach to the oil installation unmonitored on a ship proceeding on autopilot at a speed close to 8 knots.

    Shortly after, the master noticed that the vessel was very close to the installation and he ordered the engines to full astern and the forward thruster full to port. He managed to reduce the speed and change the heading slightly to port, but not enough to avoid impact with the installation's east corner leg.

    The accident resulted in damage to the vesselís starboard bow bulwark and, fortunately, it appeared that the damage to the installation was only scratches to the paint. However, the point of impact at the installation was very close to the risers, and the incident could have been much more serious.

    More details and the MSF's recommednations can be found on the MSF web site:

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