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    Bergen Yards completes conversion of Malene Ostervold

    Vessel & ROV News // September 28, 2007

    Bergen Yards has completed the conversion of Malene Østervold.

    Bergen Yards in Norway has completed the conversion of Malene Østervold into a seismic vessel on behalf of Wavefield Inseis, and the vessel has started operations in the North Sea. 

    The vessel, which had already been converted several times, has a history as a trawler, seismic vessel and coastguard vessel.

    The vessel was dry-docked at Halsnøy in May 2007. During the conversion, 300 tons of new steel were fabricated and fitted, mainly for hull sponsons and seismic hangar.

    Most of the auxiliary ship and pipe systems have been renewed and upgraded.

    New machinery and main switchboard rooms have been arranged below main deck accommodating new generators, HP air compressors, main switchboard and transformers.

    The vessel  is specifically designed for long offset 2-D or small 3-D acquisition.


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