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    Cargo vessel collides with unmanned platform

    News // August 6, 2007

    The Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) says Yarmouth Coastguard provided assistance to a motor vessel, Jork, which struck the unmanned platform, Viking Echo 40, miles north east of Cromer just before 18.00 hours on Saturday August 4th.

    The 95m 3,169dwt general cargo vessel flying the Antigua & Barbuda flag had been travelling from Lubeck to New Holland East, carrying grain.

    The standby vessels Putford Puffin and Putford Terminator steamed straight to the scene. Jork immediately began listing heavily to 30 degrees and six crew wearing lifejackets went into the sea.

    However, they were quickly recovered to the daughter craft of Putford Puffin and were all accounted for.

    Jork's engines stopped and the vessel remained on the surface some one mile from the site of the incident for a while, but later sank. All crew were accounted for.

    A rescue helicopter from RAF Wattisham was scrambled to the scene.

    The Marine Accident Investigation Branch and the Secretary of States Representative for Maritime Salvage and Intervention have also been informed.

    The rescue standby vessel Sartor monitored the stricken vessel.

    According to BBC News Online, the vessel sank at 0800 BST on Sunday August 5th after bursting its hull, which was caused by its cargo of wheat 'swelling'.

    The BBC also reported that the ship's captain has been charged with being drunk in charge of the vessel. Zbigniew Karkowski, 56, was arrested after Jork hit the platform.


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