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    Simek delivers Dina Supplier

    Vessel & ROV News // July 20, 2007

    Dina Supplier is the 100th UT 755 to have been delivered to dat.

    Simek shipyard in Norway has confirmed delivery of its newbuilding number 114, Dina Supplier, a PSV for Myklebusthaug Offshore AS, Fonnes, Norway.

    The vessel is a UT 755 LC, and - as previously highlighted in Offshore Shipping Online - is vessel number 100 in UT 755 design series.

    As of today, a total of 134 UT 755 designs have been built or are under construction worldwide.

    Myklebusthaug Offshore took delivery of a similar vessel, Dina Merkur, from Simek in 2006. Experience from Dina Merkur has been put to use in the design of Dina Supplier to improve the vessel by adding a stability tank on forecastle deck level aft of the superstructure.

    This made it possible to increase the fresh water capacity of the vessel by using the previous under deck stability tanks dedicated to fresh water. The loss in deck space was compensated by lengthening the stern by 3m. The new stability tank will improve the comfort onboard for the crew by reducing the movement of the vessel in bad weather.

    The naming ceremony for the vessel took place on July 7th.


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