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    C- Surveyor III AUV completes Noble Energy project

    Vessel & ROV News // April 27, 2007

    C & C Technologies recently completed a survey for Noble Energy utilizing its new C-Surveyor III AUV.†

    The C-Surveyor III completed the 81nm survey in the Gulf of Mexico with water depths ranging from 4,100-4,700ft.

    C & Cís new 4,500m C-Surveyor III AUV includes a multi-beam echo sounder, chirp side scan sonar, chirp sub-bottom profiler and CTD system.

    The customized sub-bottom profiler on board is outfitted with narrow transmit and receive beams to permit significantly deeper seabed penetration.†

    In addition to the sub-bottom profiler, a customized Dynamically Focused (DF) sidescan sonar system provides five times more resolution than traditional systems used on other AUVs, claims the company.

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