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    New handling feature for Falcon ROV

    Vessel & ROV News // March 27, 2007

    The Falcon now has a optional running lock latch feature.

    Seaeye in the UK has introduced an optional running lock latch feature for their world-leading portable Falcon ROV for times when a powered lifting winch is needed.

    Designed for ROV operations from oil rigs or other elevated positions, the Falcon Running Lock Latch System comprises a bullet assembly that replaces the vehicle’s standard umbilical attachment point, and a running lock latch assembly that is run down the umbilical to mate with the bullet.  

    A winch lift wire shackled to the lock latch is then used to lift the Falcon without putting strain on the ROV umbilical.

    Mostly the light-weight Falcon is man-handled out of the water. It can be lifted on its umbilical, or be recovered using a short strop and crane hook.

    The new running lock latch meets those occasions when this is not practical and the use of a powered lifting winch is more appropriate

    Some operators choose to leave the lock latch in the water following release of the ROV. This acts as a clump weight below the splash zone and helps to keep the umbilical clear of the ship’s propellers and thrusters.

    "With sales set to reach 100 vehicles, the Falcon ROV has become a worldwide success. This has come as users across all industries are attracted by its reputation for power and reliability, along with its unequalled stability in strong cross-currents for such a lightweight vehicle. They also value its robust design and the ability to quickly add a wide range of different tooling and observation modules as needed," said Seaeye in a statement.


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