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    Chinese seismic contractor BGP selects VERIPOS

    Equipment & Technology // February 22, 2007

    BGP Ltd, the largest Chinese seismic contractor, has recently awarded VERIPOS a long term contract to supply positioning equipment and services onboard BGPs latest addition to its fleet.

    BGP Pioneer, a six-streamer seismic vessel, started operation in late December after final fitting out in Singapore. 

    BGP Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), has long been responsible for the Chinese state oil companys geophysical exploration business.

    BGP has a large number of seismic crews operating both in China and internationally. The company's principal operating areas are China, Nigeria, Sudan, the Middle East and Latin America.

    The contract awarded by BGP is based on the provision of VERIPOS Ultra decimetre accuracy precise point positioning solution services which available on a global basis.

    The contract also includes the purchase of VERIPOS LD2-G2 integrated mobile units which are enabled for reception of L1/L2 Dual Frequency GPS and also includes L-band satellite differential correction demodulator and the provision of Verify-QC positioning processing and quality control software packages.


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