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    IMCA offers guidance on management and maintenance of wire ropes

    Publications // February 4, 2005
    Wire ropes are used throughout the offshore industry in many ways. Ensuring that they are remain in good condition and suitable for the tasks which rely on them is vital. To this end, a broad-based International Marine Contractor's Association (IMCA) workgroup has developed this guidance document.

    The guidance focuses on the inspection, testing, storage, transport, maintenance and general care of wire ropes other than those used on cranes and/or designated for man-riding equipment (these latter two types are already covered by other industry guidance). The wire ropes referred to are typically those reeled on winches and used for moorings, towing, A&R wires and also lifting slings. Because of the range of uses, the guidance is generic - each wire rope must be considered individually depending on its specific operational requirements.

    The guidance has been developed using member company procedures and manufacturers' guidance, compiled to form a useful reference to best practice in the offshore industry. The IMCA workgroup which developed the document benefited from input across IMCA'ssafety committee and divisions which cover the various technical aspects of IMCA's work, with assistance from wire rope companies including Bridon International, Pfeifer Drako, Casar and Kiswire Europe.

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