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    Powerful compact electric Work class ROV launched

    Vessel & ROV News // January 15, 2007

    A powerful new electric work ROV has been launched by Seaeye Marine.

    The Seaeye Cougar-XT with water jetting tool.

    A powerful new electric work ROV has been launched by Seaeye Marine aimed at the growing number of operators seeking the economic advantages and the ever increasing capabilities of this special class of vehicle.

    The Seaeye Cougar-XT is a development of the successful Cougar that has been proven and recognised for its ability to operate effectively as a compact work ROV in the most demanding conditions.

    Vehicle power in the XT has been doubled by increasing the supplied voltage from 250 to 500 Volts, producing a considerable improvement in performance. Developments in drive and power technology have seen vehicle thrust increased by over 50 per cent in all directions – creating a vehicle with the highest thrust to weight ratio in its class.

    Leading sub-sea engineering and construction contractor, Subsea7, set the standards for this advance in ROV technology. Their specification sought out a vehicle that could handle their 6kw SubJet high pressure water cleaning system whilst working in a 1.5 knot current around structures in the Southern North Sea.

    To achieve this performance, Seaeye upgraded two of Subsea7’s Cougar systems to what has now become the XT configuration in August last year.

    Once initial teething problems were overcome in the thruster drive circuits, both of the up-rated Cougar XTs were to prove more reliable and more capable than other embarked ROVs of a similar size. They were able to operate through measured currents of 1.4 knots with power to spare.

    Pleased with the success of these first two vehicles, Subsea7 has now ordered two more Cougar XT systems for delivery for the 2007 season with further system orders anticipated later in the year.

    "The increase in power and performance of the Cougar XT is expected to appeal to operators already won over by the low cost and easy handling of an electric work ROV with its reduced demand for deck space, fewer crew and a faster mobilisation time," said Matt Bates, Seaeye’s managing director.

    This makes the ROV ideal for drill support, IRM, survey operations and touch-down monitoring as well as the support of salvage operations.

    Although designed to accommodate a wide variety of task-specific tooling skids, the vehicle is not too large to be considered for an inspection and observation role between work tasks.

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