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    Sonardyne offers Ranger USBL with Fusion software update

    Equipment & Technology // December 22, 2006

    Sonardyne International has released a major upgrade to Fusion USBL.

    anger is the latest addition to the Sonardyne USBL product.

    Sonardyne International Ltd of Yateley, UK has released a major upgrade to its Fusion USBL (Ultra-Short BaseLine) acoustic positioning software to include the company’s new Ranger USBL technology.

    The unique upgrade package is being offered to both existing Fusion users and anyone purchasing new systems from January 2007 onwards.

    The inclusion of Ranger software alongside the release of Fusion version 1.09.03 reflects Sonardyne’s commitment to making its systems straightforward to use whilst providing additional benefits aimed at increasing performance and operational capability.

    By receiving Ranger software as part of a Fusion USBL system, operators now have the freedom to use the application that best suits their particular needs at the time; Ranger for simple survey and DP reference and Fusion for complex, deep water positioning tasks.

    The new software will continue to function with existing equipment inventories as both Fusion and Ranger use the same vessel-based hardware and together, support a wide range of analogue and new Sonardyne Wideband transponders.

    Ranger is the latest addition to the Sonardyne USBL product family and is ideal for operators with limited experience or who are unlikely to ever undertake advanced USBL tasks.

    The intuitive user interface means that the system is easy to learn, set-up and operate ensuring that any operator will achieve immediate success.

    It offers simultaneous tracking of targets with a one second update rate independent of water depth.

    "With the introduction of Sonardyne Wideband signal technology, Fusion has made a significant impact upon the construction survey market for subsea positioning and long-range tracking operations that require survey grade accuracy in all water depths," said the company in a statement. "It enables users to employ the same topside equipment to perform a variety of tasks that would previously have required the costly and time consuming mobilisation of different hardware."

    The upgraded Fusion software has been released for use in both USBL and LBL modes and offers significant end-user improvements in both performance and functionality.

    An important new feature available in both Fusion and Ranger is the ability to undertake inverted USBL (iUSBL) tracking of towfish over super-long laybacks.

    With this method, the transceiver is not installed on the vessel but on the towed body itself which is often several kilometres behind and below the ship.

    Mounting the transceiver in this way eliminates the need for repeated system calibration while the accuracy and repeatability of the acoustic signals are improved as the transceiver is located in a low noise, dynamically stable environment.

    The ability to analyse the water column for ray bending effects is of great importance during the planning stages of a construction survey project. The tool to allow this is Sonardyne’s RayTrace utility which is now also included in the upgraded Fusion LBL component of the software package.

    Customer input and feedback from Sonardyne’s own field-engineering staff has led to many of the changes available in this software update. These include transceiver self diagnostic tools and the addition of sensor interface protocols that improve the handling of data through the system’s Navigation Controller.


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